Floral Marvel Russian Tray
Floral Marvel Russian Tray

Floral Marvel Russian Tray

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Hand painted metal tray made in Russia by talented artists specializing in old traditional Zhostovo painting technique. Dimensions: 13x8.7" (33x22 cm). Ships from Moscow within 10 business days.

Zhostovo painting is one of the traditional types of Russian decorative work developed in the village of Zhostovo of Mytishi region, Moscow oblast. It appeared at the beginning of 19th century under the influence of Ural flower painting on metal.

Zhostovo painting is essentially drawing on metal trays preliminarily covered by several layers of thick putty and oil varnish (normally, of black color). The painting itself is accomplished in several consequent stages; soft brush and oil-colors (richly mixed with linseed-oil) create an impression of an energetic and elastic touch. Stylistic development of Zhostovo painting is closely related to Russian porcelain and enamel painting of Moscow region's plants and factories, as well as with the flower motifs of printed Ivanovo cottons and P.V. Lukutin miniature.

The main motif of Zhostovo painting - a flower bouquet - is simple and laconic in its composition: larger garden flowers are combined with smaller wild flowers; the actual shape of a flower is conveyed through a three-dimensional painting technique; and all this is being brought together by a decorative richness of multi-color solution closely related to the traditional Russian brush-painting on chests and distaffs. Tray edges are finished with a golden ornamental pattern. The completed painting is covered by three layers of light varnish, being further polished to mirror luster.

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