Wine Set (Decanter, Tray, 6 Cups)
Wine Set (Decanter, Tray, 6 Cups)

Wine Set (Decanter, Tray, 6 Cups)

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Height: 26 cm. Russian hand made item hand painted in the unique Khokhloma style. Khokhloma painting on wood is a traditional type of Russian decorative work that was started in the second half of XVII century on the territory of what is today called Koverninsky region of Nizhnii Novgorod oblast. The name of this type of painting was given to it after the trade village of Khokhloma - also located in the Nizhnii Novgorod oblast. Khokhloma painting (or Khokhloma) is characterized by the original technology of painting wood gold without the usage of the metal itself. Various combinations of such colors as red, black and golden are characteristic of Khokhloma painting. This item is 100% genuine. Fully hand made. Imported from Moscow, Russia.

Item ID: GG-0342