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This clock is very impressive, and arrived from Russia wound and running! (I wonder if customs took fright at a heavy ticking parcel from Russia?!) It is sturdy and attractive, in a masculine, industrial way, and feels very solid and reliable. The numerals on the clock face are attractive, with a red star at 12 o'clock, and an anchor at 6, and the submarine logo in the center boldly states that this is serious equipment! The key both latches the cover and winds the clock. (Winding this clock is a very satisfying experience, which I do once a week.) It is a perfect clock for the bathroom, as the locking cover prevents moisture from entering the mechanism. I have wanted one of these clocks since they first became available in the 1990s, and was surprised to find that my clock was not old Soviet surplus, but a brand-new clock made in the original factory!

Rated by Jonathan M, USA

Everything was great and clock arrived in perfect condition! Thanks.

Rated by Stephen R, USA