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For more than 200 years, tea glass holders were considered essential in many Russian households. After all, Russia was one of the world's main tea consumers. Having started off as an ingenious tool to avoid touching a hot glass, the podstakannik (as it is known in Russia) soon evolved into an elitist tableware item. Precious metals, filigree design, and exquisite enamel painting suddenly became apt in cases of works intended for aristocracy. At the same time, many types of casting holders were produced at a foundry owned by Kolchugin, a merchant based near the city of Vladimir. Post-revolution, the foundry grew to become the largest factory supplying holders for the whole country. Influence of Soviet communist propaganda led to a change in design of tea glass holders. Slogans, stars, hammers and sickles appeared. In subsequent years, glass holders have been mostly associated with railways. Structure of a holder is particularly useful in constantly shaking train carriages. Thanks to such an eventful history, we are now able to offer a broad selection of vintage and modern pieces made of various alloys with nickel, silver, and gold plating.