Su-27 Fighter Jet T-Shirt
Su-27 Fighter Jet T-Shirt

Su-27 Fighter Jet T-Shirt

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Black cotton crew neck T-shirt screen printed in Moscow. Features the famous Russian SU-27 fighter jet, a large combat aircraft that is one of the mainstays of Russian air power. SU-27 was created in response to the development of new Western aircraft, particularly the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Many call SU-27 one of the most impressive Russian fighters. Front print: "SU 27 Multi-purpose fighter-bomber, Russia". Back print lists such aircraft specifications as crew (1 person), engine (2 x Klimov RD-33, 81.4kN), wingspan (12.8 m), wing area (37 m), length (16.7 m), height (4.5 m), max loaded weight (26,845 kg), empty weight (14,750 kg), maximum speed (2,480 km/h), ceiling (16,000 m), armament (30 mm gun, 3,000 kg of hang-up armament). Hand wash only.

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