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Sheared Reindeer Pie Hat

Sheared Reindeer Pie Hat


by Craig R, USA
I received my hat from your firm on May 15. It shipped from Russia. The hat is of excellent quality, with the entire top and brim being closely sheared black fur. The lining, although not extremely fancy, was still well done and neatly stitched.

The fit on the hat was perfect. I measured my head size as directed and left a little slack in the measuring tape (maybe 1/2 cm). This now allows me to fit the hat up on my head or pull it down over the top of my ears if desired. Living in California, I did not see the need in getting the ear flaps as it seldom gets cold enough to warrant the extra expense.

The close sheared black fur is a nice look for a man. Mink or beaver may be more luxurious, but the fur, to me, is a better look on a woman than a man. There is nothing swishy-looking about this hat.

In summary, I am very pleased with this hat and your service. I have no hesitations with recommending your firm to others. You guys are the real deal.