Russian Language Online
 Online Dictionaries
Andrei Sabelfeld's Eng-Rus Dictionary Around 77,000 entries.
Babylon Russian-language page that allows you to search any or all of the following books: The Dictionary of World Wisdom, Area Codes, The Dictionary of Orthography, The Dictionary of Foreign Words, Brokhaus and Efron's Dictionary.
MegaBook Part of the Cyrill and Methodius portal. In addition to a fairly good encyclopedia, the site has a well-designed English-Russian/Russian-English dictionary.
Ozhegov's Dictionary Standard dictionary of Russian language. 40,000 entries, with examples of correct use and some sayings.
 V. Dal's Dictionary Dictionary of "contemporary" written words. The online version is based on the second edition of the hard copy, published from 1880-82. Dictionaries, library, thesaurus, lessons, games, etc.
 Online Manuals
An excellent phrase book by E.D. Shtefan (requires basic knowledge of Russian).
Quora-style Russian language manual.
 "Golosa" Popular Russian as a Foreign Language Instruction Book Online, George Washington University.
 Master Russian Language Russian language lessons, dictionaries, alphabet, pronunciation,
grammar. For both novice and advanced students of Russian.
 Online Russian Reference Grammar Interactive Russian grammar by Robert Beard (in English).
Russian language tutorial & online phrasebook. Now you can listen to all phrases and words.
 Russian Language Centers & Schools
Russian in Russia. Programs and intensive language courses.
 Odessa Language Study Center Private school teaching Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Italian and Spanish, located in Odessa, Ukraine, founded in 1995. Learn Russian before you travel with the Transsiberian! Russian language courses at Moscow State University, for beginners and advanced students, individual and group tuition.
 Russian on LinguaLift Handwriting, vocabulary, phonetics, cultural tidbits, natural language, etc.
 Other Useful Links
 Russian Electronic Dictionaries Powerful electronic dictionaries and translators from They allow you to translate to and from Russian.
 Russian Translation Langbridge LLC: Professional translation & interpreting from and into Russian. We'll beat our competitor's quotes!

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