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"So, Kolya, how do you like your new mother?" a newly remarried father asks his little son.
"You know, Daddy," the boy replies sadly, "I think they fooled us; she doesn’t look new at all!"

A father is having a problem getting his five-year-old daughter to fall asleep. Finally, she suggests, "Daddy, why don’t you just whisper something into my ear the way you do with Mommy?"
The father does just that, and the daughter falls asleep murmuring, "No, not tonight, honey; I’m so tired."

A group of children is playing outdoors:
"I have a sister and each of us has her own room," one girl says.
"I have two sisters and one brother, and each of us has a bike," a boy brags.
"Well, there are eight children in my family," another girl says, "and each one of us has his or her own father!"

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