Princess Frog Jewellery Box
Princess Frog Jewellery Box

Princess Frog Jewellery Box

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Size: 15 x 20 cm. Artist: Abramova (2005). Russian jewelry box hand painted in the unique Fedoskino style. Fedoskino work is instantly recognizable. At the first, it's being the only Russian lacquered miniature-painting village to create in oils. At the second, only this miniature is fulfilling on the mother-of-pearl plaque, metal foil and preparations powdered with metal dust. At last, pictures are volume, figures are naturally proportioned, and perspective is generally not inverted. Famous Fedoskino glow are attained of very thinly diluted, and therefore transparent glazes hits direct painting with bold colors to provide highlights and details. Before polishing to a brilliant gloss the painting is covered with three layers of light lacquer. All together some twelve layers are involved. The box before you is not only a jewelry box. It is also a unique work of art. Treat yourself or your loved one to one of them, and it will be a gift to cherish for a lifetime. This box is 100% authentic. Fully hand made. Imported from Moscow, Russia.

Item ID: LADA-LB65

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