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It took about five weeks to get the Ushanka, but it was well worth the wait. A quality hat of the finest fur. Will be ordering another hat before this winter is over. Thank you!

Rated by Joan M, USA

The hat is perfect! I needed the hat worn by Maury Chaykin in A&E's Nero Wolfe episode Door to Death and you delivered. The grayish blue or blueish gray color is a bonus on my husbands new Persian lamb ushanka, which also fits perfectly. THANK YOU!

Rated by Carol W, USA

I like the ushanka! It feels like it was "custom" made just for me. Keep up the good work and excellent craftsmanship.

Rated by Igors S, USA

This ushanka is another triumph for Russian Legacy. It almost has the look of a Cossack hat which gives it that really cool eastern or Asiatic appearance. It is incredibly warm and fits perfectly. It didn't come cheaply, but if you're on this website then you're not thinking cheap. You get what you pay for and you will hand this hat down to one of your grand kids. It is of that quality. Follow the lead of the world's foremost cold weather experts and go Russian!!

Rated by Edward S, USA

The hat is extremely well made and fits as I believe it was designed to. The Astrakhan fur ushanka you made for me is probably the best fitting hat I have ever owned.

Rated by Rod T, USA

I received my Persian lamb ushanka and am really happy with it.

Rated by Alireza A, Germany