5 kg (11 1/4 lb) edible lamellar mushrooms,
200 to 250 g (1 cup) salt, spices and condiments:
leaf of black currant, leaf of horse-radish, garlic,
pepper, dill, sweet pepper, cloves
(do not add spices when salting saffron milk-caps)

Sort out the mushrooms, wash thoroughly, soak for 2 to 3 days in cold water changing it many times and keeping the mushrooms in a cold room. Place the soaked mushrooms into a prepared wooden or glass vessel in rows, with their stems up, interspersing them with condiments, spices and salt in the proportion of 4% to the mass of the mushrooms. Put a round wooden cover and load over them. Milk agarics and coral milky caps can be salted together interspersing them with salt and chopped white onions.