Firebird Jewelry Box
Firebird Jewelry Box

Firebird Jewelry Box

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Russian jewelry box hand painted in the unique Palekh style. The unbelievably colorful art of Palekh is known in all countries of the world. The elegant black-lacquered art pieces come to our life with the firebirds and troikas subjugated us with beauty of the fantastic world of Russian folk and admired us of harmony of their color chords. Village Palekh is situated about three hundred eighty kilometers (250 miles) to the north of Moscow in Ivanovo region. This is where they paint them. Artists use single-hair brushes, real gold and egg tempera. Palekh miniature is signed on the same pattern. On the cover of a thing there is a mark of the place of production (Palekh), the date (year) and the author's autograph. The box before you is not only a jewelry box. It is also a unique work of art. Treat yourself or your loved one to one of them, and it will be a gift to cherish for a lifetime. This box is 100% authentic. Fully hand made. Size: 10 x 12 cm. Imported from Moscow, Russia.


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