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Family Custom Stacking Doll

Family Custom Stacking Doll


by E Basl
The three sets arrived and I was able to pick them up on December 29. The artwork is absolutely wonderful. Please express my "THANKS!" once again to the artists for such an excellent job. The two other families who have received theirs so far were amazed, especially after seeing our earlier first family set from Christmas Day. A few friends who have seen them already have also asked for your website to put together orders for their families. I hope they do and it does bring you more business.

My wife's parents were thoroughly surprised and pleased with this special gift. The pictures all came from their group photo of their 50th Anniversary Celebration, so they are now setting up their nesting dolls on the same shell for comparison and display. It is indeed a unique gift that was so well done.

I look forward to receiving the extra orders when they're available.