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Family Custom Nesting Doll

Family Custom Nesting Doll


by E Basl
The original 4 sets of my family's nesting dolls just arrived. I opened and set up one set and it is absolutely wonderful. I know when the girls open their sets at Christmas, they will be truly amazed and happy with the superior quality of these personal gifts. And the two extra little tree family ornaments will be on our girls Christmas trees every year reminding us of your artist and the great work. Thank you to all at your business for a job well done.

Please extend my personal thanks to the wonderful and talented artist who made these gifts. We will display and treasure the nesting doll right beside the family pictures that were used in making them. They will be at our homes on the shelves for many years. I am truly amazed and pleased with the eye of the artist in catching the very sparkle from each photo and transferring it into the heart of the picture in each doll. These paintings are a gift that will last a lifetime. Again "Thank You", and "Thank You" to the artist.

I can hardly wait to get the other sets for my wife's extended family. I will also get the photos together for my extended family set that I will want to get ordered early in the new year so they will be available for a family gathering to hand out.

Your artist has made my day, and will likewise make this Holiday Season special for our family. I wish you and yours a special holiday season as well.