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Doctor Zhivago Style Hat

Doctor Zhivago Style Hat


by G Kwast, USA
I always wanted a hat similar to the one worn by Yul Bryner in “Taras Bulba. I Googled Cossack Hat and found my way to the Russian Legacy site. They had the type of hats I wanted. First let me say if you are not sure of your hat size get your head measured. The only reason you would want to return this hat is because it doesn’t fit right. The quality and workmanship is superb. I really wanted the white one but went with black, when I received it and saw how well it was made and that it fit me perfectly, I immediately ordered it in white. I live in Manhattan and wanted something different to wear this winter. I don’t like to follow the crowd when it comes to fashion and over the years I have developed my individual style. I can’t wait for the cold weather: This hat will keep you warm no matter how much the thermometer drops.