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this hat is such FUN!! wild and woolly, I love it! Reminds me of the hair I once had! The curls are looser than the other karakul hats and straggle beautifully.

Rated by Alan W, UK

This is my second Dr. Zhivago Cossack hat. The black wool has an intensity to it that creates a strong presence, not to mention how incredibly warm it is. Another triumph for Russian Legacy.

Rated by Edward S, USA

I just received my hat and it is FABULOUS!!!! Even more amazing than I imagined. I will try it with my coat when I get home from the office tonight. Thank you for your assistance. You were most helpful.

Rated by Patricia A, Canada

The hat that I ordered arrived promptly despite only ordering it 2 weeks before Christmas. It is beautifully warm and as described. Very good quality. Just need it to snow now.

Rated by Sarah A, UK

I have this Zhivago model and it is just one of multiple winter hats I purchased from Russia Legacy. Each of them are composed of top quality materials and exhibit excellent workmanship. Fit was true to size. In my case, time from order to arrival was just over three weeks. Buying experience couldn't be better.

Rated by Rene C, USA

I received my hat today. I am very delighted with it. It has a rough look to it and does indeed resemble a hat that a Cossack would wear (as far as I know). I must also thank you for advising me to order size 59.5 cm. 60 cm would have been too large. From my experience so far, I think that people can order from Russian Legacy with confidence.

Rated by Sal M, USA