Russia is a forestry country. Trees grew all round the Russian man for all time. Our ancestors amazed the world with wooden churches and chambers, plates and dishes, furniture, decorated by painting, carving. There were even a pocket watches, self propelled carts, sawing machines, bicycles made of nothing but wood. A visitor could see "the face of the house" first - carved window decorations, carved gates, a chiseled porch decorated with carved and flower-painted doors, painted wooden fences at the Russian stove, painted birch-barks at the shelves. Some of these things stayed in legends, some became part of museum expositions. However, kitchen utensils, elaborate sets of chess, snuff-boxes, smoking pipes, various caskets were popular not only with our grand-grand mothers and fathers but were readily purchased by merchants from England, France, Germany and America, have survived as goods until present time. They have been constantly improved by the talent of craftsmen. Siberian pine, larch, linden, birch are presenting their energy to the people from ancient time.