Under this heading we are representing wicker-work of rod, rye straw, birch fulfilled by the masters of Kirov region.

Every handy-craft has itself original traits, inherited peculiarities typical motifs, forms and on the whole coloring the national at spirit.

In the old Viatka region from ancient time the people weaved of rye straw noticed and fixed its nature quality. Rye straw is whitening to obtain gold, white and yellow colors. At the basis of the tradition are fabricated the different boxes, caskets, small chests that are using with the success by buyers.

The rod (osier twigs) is the most easy of access material for the different domestic hand-made articles. The flexible and pliable in work, durable and light the rod is enjoyed for wicker-work: baskets, traveling trunks, cages for the birds, vases, florists, half-castes for sledges and carts, furniture and etc.

Many generations of unknown craftsmen created and multiplied the different methods of wicker-work that are using by the modern masters.