Among unique, well-known global products, presenting pride and glory of Russia, the ancient town of Pavlovsky Posad occupies a special place. Every year Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufacture issues 200 kinds of shawls and scarves made of natural fibres: wool, cotton, and silk.

The manufacture was established in 1812 year by a wealthy peasant Semen Labzin. Labzin established the ancient craft of the Russian print at the industrial basis. The first shawls were fabricated by hand print.

Declaration of high art and cultural value of products is what distinguishes the Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufacture from other Russian folk art enterprises. Work on each new product starts from design. A group of gifted artists designs of draws. Artists are passing ancient traditions from generation to generation and creating new patterns. All prepared designs are considered and affirmed by Art Council, which invites the best factory artists and representatives of the Ministry of Culture.

The base for woolen shawls is a high quality fine fleece wool, of which weavers produce different kinds of fabric. A particular airiness and ecological purity of fabric allows not only to save a hair style, but to protect a hair against "the hotbed effect".

As soon as design is approved, colorists join the work trying to get as exact as possible a reproduction of author's design executed in gouache, by means of textile dyestuffs. The main difficulty of this work is that the true color will be seen only after a steam treatment (this operation is necessary for a solid fixation of dye-staffs on the wool fiber) and a washing. Thus a colorist is forced to make a lot of test dying before a final recipe will be obtained. Every design is printed in several versions (colors). Printing is realized on manual print tables and on many-color printing machines. The most responsible operations are executed by hand. There are many different operations have to be made for giving birth to unique in it's qualities Pavlovsky Posad. Its production technology combines a careful attitude to the traditions and the using of the most advanced achievements of scientific and technical ideas. The factory is the first in the world who had introduced a plasma chemical treatment fabrics before the printing instead of using ecologically harmful chlorination, having left for many years behind other enterprises, only now beginning to realize all advantages of this method.

The factory's style collection is varied. Besides items with traditional design many modern ones exist now as well.