Beresta is the bark of a birch, which is a unique natural material. From immemorial times in ancient Russia it has been used for making the caskets, pots, containers for salt, flour (torment), grain, berry, cedar nut, and also - for manufacturing perfect ornaments applied to manufacturing various subjects of life, such as fishing boats, tueses, boxes. It has been considered that beresta is a warm tree. It is very warm to the touch even in a cold room, because has a large positive power. It takes just looking at it for some time and holding it in your hands - and you will calm down at once, even you were worried or anxious about something. The art of the old foremen revives now in Siberia more actively then anywhere in Russia, and the birch bark craft has received the greatest development - from habitual caskets, tueses, bread bins, sets of costume jewelry, up to nominal folders, ladies reticules, packing of jewelry products, covers for the books, notebooks. The products from beresta are absolutely clean ecologically, as are made without the use of any glue, only of natural materials and only manually. Practically each product is the author's work, which is absolutely unique.