Model: GG01433


Crew neck cotton T-shirt screen printed in Moscow, Russia. Features CCCP letters and state emblem of the Soviet Union. CCCP is a world-known Latin graphical rendition of the Russian acronym for the Soviet Union (USSR). State emblem (corresponding to a coat of arms) had the Earth superimposed by the hammer and sickle. Two bundles of corn ears heavily draped with a scroll, reading in all the 15 SSR languages the motto "Workers of the World, Unite!"; the bundles encircle an earth globe (viewed approx. from the vertical of the Black Sea) showing solid continents and coordinate lines in 20 degree intervals. On it a hammer and a sickle, crossed per saltire, in naturalistic look. Under the globe a rising sun with alternating long and short rays made of single lines (approx. 30 visible rays); above the globe a red star. Soviet anthem is printed in Russian on the back. Hand wash only. Ships within 5 business days.