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Budenovka Red Army Hat

Budenovka Red Army Hat


by J Picinich
I received my order on Friday, 7 May. Both the Soviet Cavalry hat, which was one of the most distinctive among 20th Century armies, and the "Have you drafted as a volunteer" shirt are in excellent condition. Thank you.

Many thanks too for including a Red Army badge.

I'll be wearing the cavalry hat to some Boy Scout campouts. Our troop has an "Under the Hat Club" meeting at the Saturday night campfire and the only requirement is to wear an unusual hat. During the winter my son and I wore our ushankas (mine with a Red Army badge, his with the Russian Border Guards). Recently I wore a Polish Cavalry officer's czapska one of my fellow Scout leaders got me during his business trip to Warsaw, while my son wore a high-peaked West German Army cap from 1967. My son and I sport military hats, including kepis from the American Civil War, at our scout meetings and campouts. And with the Red Cavalry cap I'll be going one better at the campfire, because I'll coordinate the look with the new shirt whose soldier is wearing that hat.