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Wonderful Astrakhan fur ushanka from Moldova! One month shipment from Moldova to Idaho and worth it! Warm and cozy,no tags, silk lining, heavily quilted interior! Very reasonable price! Will wear it in the coldest Idaho weather!! Thank you from a VERY satisfied customer! Highly recommended for good businessmanship!! Page Sausman Boise, Idaho USA

Rated by P Sausman, USA

Just arrived and love it. Cant wait to wear it

Rated by Graham P, UK

The hat is of good quality and fits perfectly because of your assistance. Thank you so much.

Rated by John D, USA

I've had a number of ushankas over the years but ever since seeing the Astrakhan in the K-19 movie (I'm an ex-submarine sailor so I've always been moved by the K-19 story) I wanted one. I was a little worried though because the Astrakhan is rather expensive and I'm hard to fit. Russian Legacy, realizing that the size I needed would be non-returnable, double verified the size. When I finally got mine and put it on I was so pleased because it fit like a glove! And it is warm like only wool can be. Needless to say, I love it.

Rated by David F, USA

The hat is wonderful and fits very well. Great for our -40 days in Alaska.

Rated by Greg S, USA

Very well-made hat. Workmanship and material are excellent, and it fits perfectly. Very cozy and warm on the coldest days, and with flaps down it's as good as it gets. Good staff, attentive and courteous on the phone. Class operation all round.

Rated by William D, Worcester