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Hat is very nice. I like the color. It is a bit snug but that is OK. The lining is perfect!

Rated by Reggie E, USA

Just to thank you for helping me finalize my order details. The hat arrived before Christmas and has by far exceeded my expectations - looks, style, quality, warmth, cool style, an endearing classic. Every time I wear it and have been to theatre , museum, grocery store, etc I have received compliments. Thank you again. I am emboldened to get another one (the Cossack Karakul General Pyotr is wearing while attending to Tsar Romanov family) - next year's resolution perhaps! Cheers and well wishes for the new year around the corner.

Rated by Arun S, USA

The spotted lamb fur peasant hat was delivered. Beautiful and very impressive hat! The pelt that was picked is high quality and perfect. A well constructed work of art! Custom fit and very warm. Thanks for your communications and fine service!

Rated by John U, USA